two roads ep

APRIL 28th

APRIL 28th

APRIL 28th

APRIL 28th

Special thanks


Rekha Luciano

 Seni Saraki

Mariana Carvalho

Chris Pineda

 Edgar Mendez

Benjamin Kiflom

Daniel Echevarria

Binta Brown


Akinkunle Akinkugbe

Mum & Dad

Jonathan Koh (Lawrence)

Peter Enriquez

Antone Leblanc (DIASPORA)

Kamaria Woods

Stella Akua Mensah

Sumner Becker (Lawrence)

Byron Major

Clyde Lawrence (Lawrence)

Bryn Bliska

Dekola Odedina

Baingor Joiner

Dayo Babalola

Robbie Deffense

Adam Hersko-Ronatas

Joanna Donofrio

Austen Deery

Lynn Tachi

Jon J 

Ray Fiasco (Asylum 33)

Seung Ki Lee

John Chang

Danny Sobor

Edgar Morales Jr.



Another Day, Another Night (ft. Peter Enriquez)







Dear friends and family,

I have had an interesting couple of years to say the least. Since GoodBye For Never, I have had many highs, and many lows. From being featured on some of my favorite platforms, to recording with Mark Ronson at Abbey Road Studios, to graduating college, to moving to New York, to losing management, to receiving horrible contracts... the list goes on. Things began to change when I started to take matters into my own hands. I felt the same energy and determination I had felt when I made GoodBye For Never, and I stopped being afraid of what was to come. I felt free. Time stopped racing, I stopped stressing... and I trusted the energies, the powers that be, and things started to fall into place. Without even having to ask, some of my closest friends took up the mantle where my manager left off and got to work, unconditionally (word to MILLENNIVM CVRTEL & The Contract). 

The past is in the past. The future is coming. But this moment, Right Now, we can never get this moment back. You can't change the past, or agonize over the future; sometimes you just have to be. Now, more than ever, I feel ready. I have executed my vision, and I literally CANNOT WAIT to share all this new shit with you. 

I love you all, and thank you for standing by me all the way. I hope you follow me on my journey wherever I go. LOVE, ALWAYS!


Forever Yours,



P.S. Two Roads EP, April 28th.